Trouble in Para-Price


It has been awhile since one has question the ability of Carey Price. And I am not here to question his ability, but lately his play have left many fans with question marks. There’s no doubt that I am one of Price’s biggest supporter and fan. I, like former Habs’ Captain Saku Koivu, do believe that one day Carey Price will lead a NHL team to the promise land. Hopefully that day will come with Price wearing the Red, White and Blue CH but there’s no telling what will happen come 2 years when Price becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent.

But that being said, there is no doubt Carey is struggling right now. Yes, that “goal” by Rick Nash a couple of Saturdays ago, should have been called off as Kevin Hayes basically dragged Price out of the net. I’m still wondering what the referees were thinking to STILL allow that goal even after video review. If that is not goalie interference, dragging the goalie out of his crease, I’m not really sure what is.

However, as one of many Habs (and hockey) fans that have called Price the “best goalie in the world”, to let 23 goals in his last 6 games is unheard of. Not to mention that Price and the Canadiens have gone 1-4-1 in the last 6 games Price has started. Price started on fire after initially missing the Canadiens’ first three game of the season. His numbers in October was an astonishing 5-0-0 record with a .954 SV%. He continued his dominance into November posting 8-2-1 record and a .944 SV% until falling off in December.

Price’s Month by Month Stats W L OTL GAA SA%
October 5 0 0 1.40 .954
November 8 2 1 1.81 .944
December 5 3 3 2.64 .899
January 3 4 1 3.34 .887

Price’s number has dipped since November and one has to question whether fatigue is a factor. Now I am not making an excuse for Price, but to play in 21 games (including his 5 games for Canada at the World Cup) in 2 months is a lot of action for a goalie that played 0 in the previous 12. To miss almost the entire season last year and to come back and immediately play at the World Cup of Hockey in September could have an effect on almost any player, especially goaltenders. Look at Henrik Lundqvist in New York and Jaroslav Halak, two goalies who were ridden by their country to the Finals and Semi-Finals, have had struggles this season, with Halak being sent to the minors.

Even with Radulov, Pacioretty and Alex Galchenyuk up front, the Canadiens defence have been prone to mental breakdowns lately, most notably the pair of Beaulieu and Petry. If one were to predict that the road out of the Eastern Conference must go through Sidney Crosby and the offensive juggernaut Pittsburgh Penguins, Price will no doubt need to find his rhythm soon. It’s obvious that the Canadiens are built from Price outward, so for the Habs to reach the promise land, Carey Price will need to carry them on his shoulder.


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