A Trip to the Montreal Canadiens’ Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame-A Trip to the Montreal Canadiens' Hall of Fame

Living in Ottawa, I’ve had the opportunity to drive down and visit the beautiful city of Montreal a couple of times a year. On a typical summer day, when the weather and roads are nice, a road trip from Ottawa to Montreal along the 417 Highway is only about a 2 hour drive. It was only fitting that a couple years ago, my brother (who’s also a Habs fan) and I decided to visit the Habs’ Hall of Fame during our trip to Montreal. The Hall, which had opened in 2010 commemorating the Habs’ centennial year, displayed over hundreds of items and artifacts, including the multiple Stanley Cup rings, uniforms, equipment and hockey cards of Montreal Canadiens history. Located directly at the Bell Centre, with an admission price of $11 per person, the Canadiens’ HoF was a must visit for not only fanatics but the casual Habs and Hockey fan as well. Unfortunately, as I am writing this post, I have read that the Habs’ HoF is now closed as of August 31, 2015. Nonetheless, here are some pictures I took while there and should the Canadiens’ HoF reopen in the future, I would definitely recommend it to all Habs fans to check out.



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